Allem Iversom – ‘Beanie Man’

Typically renowned for lo-fi hip-hop delicacies, Allem Iversom recently caught us all by surprise in dropping what may be the hottest funk beat this February.

Beanie Man stands in stark contrast with what fans of the US-based beat maker brought to the table just a few months ago on full-length release Without You. The hot funk grooves come at you from every angle in this one. Whether you take solace in the flappy slap bass guitar, taught springy clav or resonate with the rhythm of the Cissy Strut-esque drum beat, you’re guaranteed to be up out of your seat on the one beat.

Capped off with an ultra-cool sax soloette straight from an 80s cop drama, Beanie Man is a strong case for why four beats of funk is the most danceable feel right now.

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