Birdhouse – ‘Give It To Ya’ (Premiere)

We’re extremely excited to give you first ears to ‘Give It To Ya’ by Haarlem and Amsterdam based collective Birdhouse

Whether it’s the ‘5 day Mischon’, the Her Songs project or Fact Magazines ‘Against the Clock’ series, it’s always fascinating to see what happens when artists are forced to create. And this precisely how Birdhouse Sessions Vol.1 came around. Several artists from all across the Netherlands locked themselves in the studio space of an old Haarlem building and said they would release whatever they created.

The result is an eclectic album bursting at the seams with colour, groove, funk and soul, no better exemplified than in the premiere track ‘Give It To Ya’.

An infectious guitar riff, licks of trumpet and a D’Angelo style bass line provide the foundation for an impossibly deep soulful vocal that nestles itself within the groove of the track.

If you’re a fan of be sure to pre-order the full release here via record label INI Movement.

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