Brother’s Testament – ‘I Think About You Sometimes’

Last Friday marked the landing of Brother’s Testament’s debut record, Ascent. Once the London jazz quartet’s stunning seven-track effort hit our ears, the most troublesome task was finding a single track to have grace our pages. Eventually it was I Think About You Sometimes which racked up the most repeats.

Although certainly the most urgent chapter in Ascent, owing to its rapid pulse that compels a frenzy of neck shaking, I Think About You Sometimes remains widely dynamic. The introduction is crafted from Hugo Piper’s gorgeous harmonic bass, a theme he arrives at seamlessly after his three-minute solo, Northern Light, which simply has to be heard to be believed.

Once this base is built upon, the A-section’s lynchpin-like synth melody pulls and pushes at the centre, lifting this track’s ‘home’ to phenomenal heights. This synth lead sound is carried throughout the track without fatigue, and is particularly exciting when in perfect unison with Mark Mollison’s searing guitar melodies.

Following a mind-bending, high energy solo from Munashe Caleb Manyumbu, the caged animal that this track, and indeed the entire record, has been waiting to unleash is set free. A visceral, aggressive, earthquaking riff and outro that hits astoundingly hard. This passage is surely an irresistible spectacle to behold live.

Brother’s Testament continue to perform in London, appearing at Hootananny Brixton alongside Nihilism on May 11th. They’ve also been billed for Wilderness Festival in August.

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