Buscrates – You Got Me (Feat. Laura Benack)

If there’s anything we know how to dig for at Somewhere Soul, it’s freshly pressed funk that perfectly pays homage to those that filled the floors before. You Got Me is an A-side that thoroughly deserves that title, making us young’uns wish we’d lived through the disco days the first time round.

Opening with the deepest of grooves, Buscrates adds a synth bassline so authentic, it may have travelled through time to make it into the mix. Seriously, this line is such a hook, it rivals Laura Benack’s hypnotic vocals for being the part you’ll be singing to yourself for weeks to come.

The track also features a liquid performance on guitar from Andrew Muller, who makes a strong case that the funkiest way to play the six-string is by using only one at a time. Grab this dance-inducing disco master stroke here.

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