Carmody – ‘Dreamweaver’

Somewhere Soul favourite Carmody returns with enchanting new single ‘Dreamweaver’.


Tick-tock drums and illuminating synth keys create the perfect night time atmosphere for Carmody’s visceral narrative about the life of a songwriter constantly weaving stories in the hope they might bloom.


In her own words “Dreamweaver felt like a song that had always been swimming around in my lungs, but for years I hadn’t known how to let it out. I remember after I wrote it I text my friend in London and said ‘this feels like the song I’ve been thinking about and trying to write my whole songwriting life’. And that is the wonderful sorcery of songs, you never quite know when they’re going to appear.”


‘Dreamweaver’ is the first single taken from Carmody’s forthcoming EP titled Catching Blue which drops at the beginning of September.


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