Carmody – ‘Singing Your Love’

One of our favourite singers and wordsmiths, Carmody, returns with her new single ‘Singing Your Love’.

While we may have first fallen in love with the old soul of Carmody who appeased our love for black and white films and poetic turns of phrase, in her new release she winds forward the years for a progressive feel good summer anthem that celebrates male objectification and desire. It’s an uptempo synth heavy affair with fizzing percussion, bags of energy, and a chorus fit for any street carnival.

In her own words, “Singing Your Love’ feels like my first love song…it felt important to write about a moment beyond the battles that can exist when you fall in love. I’ve always struggled to write about happiness without stumbling into cliché, but it felt like something worth celebrating, something worth dancing about, beyond the scrutiny that I usually put my relationships under.”

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