Crayon ft. Lossapardo – ‘After The Tone’ (Duñe Remix)

Duñe gives Crayon’s ‘After the Tone’ a sunny makeover in their first collaboration in two years.

Injecting peppy licks of guitar, an up-tempo beat and not to mention that glistening closing solo, this is Parisian producer Duñe at his best. The track is a remix from long term label-mate Crayon’s latest release Post Blue. It represents their first official collaboration since their self-titled EP back in 2016.

By the sounds of things, Crayon was as pleased as us with this latest release; stating on Twitter: “Duñe & I have been working together for years now. He’s like my evil twin, or maybe I’m his? I was so happy and surprised the first time I heard his version of ‘After the Tone’. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.”

The pair are part of label Roche Musique, standing alongside some our most loved French artists, from the FKJ to Kartell, Darius and many more. If you’re new to Roche, be sure to take a listen to their latest compilation from earlier this year; we have no doubt you’ll soon share our deep affection for them.

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