Ephemerals – ‘In And Out’ (Titeknots remix)

We’ve been big fans of Titeknots ever since we heard his double bass dancefloor weapon ‘Hummingbirds’ back in 2014, so we were extremely excited to see his name pop up in our inbox on remix duties for the new Ephemerals ‘in and out’ release.

In typical Titeknots fashion, it’s the the relentless groove heavy bass line that steals the show, anchoring you to the dance floor as sprinkles of keys, horns and strings are all gradually added to the mix. The whole track fizzes with energy from start to finish and the vocals plucked from the original sit over the track in a sort of ‘Peanut Butter & Jam’ way whereby it shouldn’t work but they really really do.

It’s a hugely impressive remix that’s part of a hugely impressive release. Check it out below.

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