Francesca Fulmini – ‘One Step’

Brighton-based singer-songwriter Francesca Fulmini makes a stunning debut with her new single ‘One Step’.

When someone messages you on Instagram and asks you to check out their friends music, history tells you not to get too excited. Yet within just 20 seconds the sound of bright jazz guitar chords, a half time Neo Soul beat and the introduction of Fulmini’s deep raspy vocals was enough to tell us that we were listening to something special.

As the track progresses Fulmini flexes the versatility and control of her vocals, effortlessly switching up from soft purring lows in the verses to powerful runs in the impossibly catchy chorus. And just when you’re thinking things can’t get any better, a synth keys solo enters to take the track to yet another level.

Speaking about the record she says, “This song is about feeling stuck and feeling like you’re stagnating. It reminds me that we need to take things step by step and focus on the quality of each step we’re taking and we will inevitably reach homerun.”

She joins the growing list of extremely exciting artists coming out of Brighton alongside favourites of ours such as Natty Reeves and Yakul. Must be something to do with that fresh sea breeze.

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