Hope Tala – ‘Eden’

Hope Tala delivers velvety neo-soul in her eclectic debut EP Starry Ache.

Boom-bap drums, whimsical vocals and a breezy melody blend in our pick from Hope Tala’s newest release. Fuelled by a burgeoning confidence and love of literature, ‘Eden’ exemplifies the rising star’s nuanced and refined sound.

Littered with a genre-defying collection of sounds, from tender bossanova to groove-heavy RnB, 20 year-old Hope Tala’s debut record displays talent far beyond her years.

Speaking about the record she says, “The title of the project is taken from Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch and can be found in an exquisite passage which describes falling in love. The two words seems to contradict each other in a way that perfectly evokes love as a feeling that is dangerous and beautiful and painful and breathtaking all at once.”

For more from Hope, be sure to check out the rest of the EP, as well as her impressive back catalogue of home demos from the last two years.

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