Ify Anene – ‘When I’m With You’

Ify Anene makes a stunning debut with smooth R&B jam ‘When I’m With You’.

Hazy guitar chords are all that’s needed to complement Anene’s stunning vocals as she introduces a narrative about the feelings of loss a person feels when they forgo their identity in order to gain the love of someone else.

Having originally wanted to pursue a career in medicine, Anene earned a degree in neuroscience before having a change of heart and following a career in music after becoming inspired by the likes of Solange, Anita Baker and Kelela. While they may seem like two totally different paths, we can’t help but wonder whether her knowledge of the brain played a part in writing such an infectious ear worm of a chorus . . .

After what we’re certain will be high praise and feedback across the board for her debut release, we can only hope for more new music soon.

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