Joesef – ‘Limbo’

Joesef unveils heartfelt debut single ‘Limbo’.

There’s nothing we find more exciting than giving an artist’s debut release a spin. What tops that is when we’re blown away with what we hear.

That was our reaction when we first heard ‘Limbo’. Blending alluring vocals over a breezy melody, seductive harmonies and snare-heavy beat, this debut release from the Scottish singer/producer is something special.

Speaking about the record, Joesef said “‘Limbo’ is part of a collection of tunes I wrote in the midst of my first breakup. I kinda went off the rails when it ended and my head was up my arse for quite a while. So this was me trying to process the situation we were in, separated, but still together all the time shagging and talking. ‘Limbo’ is the grey area in-between being in love, and not being able to let it go.”

Hailing from Glasgow’s East End, he’s already made something of a name for himself – having sold out the legendary KingTuts Wah Wah Hut without releasing any music online. We’re not sure how he’s done it but we’re impressed. Besides, we were already sold by the colour of his posters.

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