Kyan – ‘Lonely River’ (Acoustic)

Kyan delivers a mesmerising performance of ‘Lonely River’ live at Abbey Road studios.

The pressure to produce something special when you’re in one of the most iconic recording studios in the world must be almost palpable. Your mind wondering to the legendary artists who have sat in that same seat, played those same keys and recorded timeless pieces of music that have touched generations.

Yet it’s the greats that are looking at Kyan at the moment, with the likes of Nile Rogers describing him as a ‘young Mozart’ after spending a recording session with him just earlier this year. And you can understand why when you watch Kyan pour himself into the keys during this live recording of ‘Lonely River’ that showcases his raw soulful vocals, fluid playing and assured songwriting.

In his own words, “We’re obsessed with labels, and I’ve never felt comfortable with labels and boxes or ceilings.There’s this expectation and pressure to “choose a path”, but it’s always felt more natural to me to be more like a river…Fluid, meandering and able to follow multiple routes to a given destination.

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