Lakey Inspired – ‘Doing Just Fine’

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re walking down a hazy LA street. It’s nearly sunset and the palm trees are swaying in the breeze as the sun tickles the horizon beyond Santa Monica pier. It’s just the kind of backdrop you picture for a laid-back track like this one, from LA producer Jordan Reddington – aka Lakey Inspired.

After taking a much needed break from social media at the end of last year, Lakey is back with a new vision for 2018. His first track ‘Doing Just Fine’ does just that, with all the ingredients to grant it My Next Summer Jam status. Wavy instrumental? Tick. Sweet guitar riff? Tick. Dope beat? Double tick.

Make sure you check out his social channels every other week where he’ll keep dropping new music, just like this beaut.

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