Louis Baker Live at Omeara

After playing European dates in Germany and Holland, Louis Baker took to the stage at Omeara for the London stop of his Open album tour.

“Thank you all so much for coming out, it’s crazy I can come half way around the world and you guys will come out to see me play,” he earnestly stated before launching into infectious album track ‘Black Crow’.

With six band members including backing vocals, the sound was deliciously warm and full bodied with classic tracks such as ‘Just Want to Thank You’  and ‘Addict’ getting upgraded with improvised groove-heavy guitar licks and an extra lathering of Soul.

Yet some of the highlights of the set came from just Louis himself on stage with his guitar, performing tender acoustic track ‘Rainbow’ and even flawlessly covering Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’, drawing both goosebumps and tears across the venue. It was a special moment, the kind you generally only experience at festivals, certainly not on a Monday night in London Bridge. 

Other highlights of the set included Neo Soul ear worm ‘So Lo’ and the fizzing drums of ‘The People’ that made up one of his two encore tracks. It really was a show that had it all, blistering solos from the band, new material, old material and that’s without mentioning Louis’ vocals which you’d be hard pressed to tell apart from his album recordings.

This was without doubt a performance from an artist who understands the magic of live shows. We hope it’s not too long before he makes the 26 hour flight over from New Zealand again.

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