Lyves – ‘Certain Things’ Feat. Jalen Santoy

Lyves returns with her entrancing new single ‘Certain Things’.

Dark, stormy chords and mesmerising synths lay the backdrop for this latest release from Lyves. It’s the perfect framing for the rising Londoner, whose uplifting vocals and introspective lyricism shine through with the support of US-rapper Jalen Santoy.

Written alongside The Colours That Rise, the track keeps with Lyves’ affinity for reflection, touching upon vulnerabilities, heartache and more. In her own words, “This song’s energy is about living in the present moment – finding strength and solace in the now despite past occurrences and future worries – which is in line with how the song seemed to spontaneously come about.”

For more from the Lyves, be sure to listen to last year’s EP Like Water as well as her truly remarkable project ‘8 Rooms’.

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