Natty Reeves – ‘Your Mind’

Natty Reeves unveils a sentimental streak in his latest stripped-back single ‘Your Mind’.

As the second track from his upcoming debut EP Siren, producer, guitarist and vocalist Natty Reeves’ new release brings an acoustic rawness that’s sure to make you melt. Distilling the track to a backing of mellow guitar, it’s Natty’s affectionate lyricism that gives this one-take recording its endearing quality.

The track follows a stream of successful releases from the Bristolian producer, whose last year has seen him deliver one buttery smooth slice of soul after another. Be sure to check out last week’s release ‘Good as Gold’, as well as earlier tracks ‘Solace’ and ‘Under Your Thumb’.

As part of London-based label DeepMatter, Natty stands alongside some of our most-loved artists including Simon Jefferis, Harrison Sands, Namuuna and Bhonstro. Be sure to check out all things DeepMatter here, and we’ll leave you with last year’s collaboration between Natty and SJ that also made our track of the week.

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