Origamik – ‘Kona’

As we slowly ease ourselves through what feels like the fourth dreary month of 2018, Origamik is the gift that keeps on giving. With three releases in just as many weeks, this rising beat maker isn’t letting us get bored of him, and nor would we want to.

Priming a sure breakthrough, his latest track Kona is a wistful instrumental. Soft, sprinkling cymbals are layered with subtly peaceful meditative vocals, smooth brass and succinct beats.

With strong influences lying in old motown through to Kaytranada, Josh Sanya places rhythm and groove at the core of his tracks, (so what’s not to like). Inspired by the greats such as James Jamerson, Josh was drawn to the bass, realising its’ importance to every tune.

Often drawing samples from legendary tracks, Origamik skilfully manipulates and develops them, adding unique drum patterns rife in flavour. Fluidity in texture is key here. His scores transcend the studio through use of palpable, ambient sounds. The use of the average and every day (water, fields, car parks) are utilised in such a way that the notion of ‘average’ is completely flipped on its head and reimagined to create unique, boundless music.

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