Osquello – ‘Tired Creature’ (feat. Poppy Billingham)

Osquello delivers sun kissed hip-hop in his latest single ‘Tired Creature’.


Blending twinkling keys, sombre tones and a delicate melody, North Londoner Osquello’s latest release is nothing short of blissful. Sunken’s Poppy Billingham provides support vocals that weave intricately with the 19 year old’s alternative flow.


The track is a reflection on the balance between artistry and maintaining friendships. In his own words: “I guess it’s the reality of what can happen when you get too consumed in the cycles and common habits of life. For me it resulted in staying in bed and being exhausted a lot of the time but there was always someone who could take me out of that patch of darkness and make me truly appreciate the little things in life, such as the moonlight.”


For more from Osquello, be sure to check out his latest mix for NTS radio, as well as his two year back catalogue of original productions. And keep an eye out for his upcoming EP Good Morning Simulation dropping in December.


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