Shanny – ‘Swirl Diet’

Emerging Neo Soul artist Shanny drops debut album Swirl Diet and we can’t get enough of it.

A year on from her debut EP and Shanny has made a few small yet mightily important tweaks to her sound. Electronically produced beats and bass have largely been replaced by live instrumentation to help dial up the authenticity and bring an earthy live session feel to the album.

She’s also taking more risks, from the playful vocal delivery in ‘Memory Basket’ to the soothing choirs in ‘Open’, regular stretches away from her comfort zone across the album indicate an artist who has found her sound and is now ready to explore it and push it in new directions.

This newfound confidence is no better exemplified than in the aptly titled opening track ‘Day One’. Three parts smooth Neo Soul and one part epic Jazztronica, it sets the tone and buckles you in for an album that twists and turns with pace around every corner and prides itself on its unpredictability.

Other notable highlights from the album include the stabbed keys and fizzing percussion of ‘Seasons’ and the infectious blasts of sax on ‘Sidewalk’.

While it may feel relatively novel for an emerging artist to release an 11 track album, we find ourselves questioning why this is. Why tip toe onto the scene track by track when you could show all of your colours across a full release?

In a streaming age that encourages impatience and deters artists from long introductions and interludes, it’s refreshing to see an emerging artist resisting the grips of the industry and forging her own path. Shanny, we salute you.

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