Simon Jefferis – ‘Easy’ (ft. Benedict Cork)

Regular Somewhere Soul readers will know all about Simon Jefferis already. Since dropping his debut EP SJ’s Pockets Volume 1 he’s been all over our pages like a teenager’s crush in her diary. And now ‘Easy’, complete with hearts and cupid arrows doodled all around it, is Simon’s latest work that we won’t be able to get off our minds.

‘Easy’ features absolute vocal mastery from Benedict Cork, who also takes a co-writing credit on what is altogether a more obviously song-like effort from Simon. However, Simon’s certainly kept the keys to his creative character prominent. Rich samples and unobtrusive beats, combined with his signature warm guitar licks, pull you even closer in this soulful love song.

In summary, Easy is a stunning product of a formidable collaboration between Jefferis and Cork which we, with all our fingers crossed, hope occurs again in the near future.

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