Sounds that Shaped . . . Her Songs

Earlier this year, a collective of some of our favourite female artists came together in LA to write and record an EP in one week.

Combining under the brand ‘Her Songs’, the globe-trotting group is made up of Maddie Jay (Canada), Emily Browning (New Zealand), The Naked Eye (UK/France), Marie Dahlstrøm (Denmark) and Dani Murcia (US/Colombia). Over the seven days, they wrote, composed, recorded and produced the finished five track EP together. The project combines their individual knowledge as musicians and producers, drawing upon the support for female/non-binary songwriters worldwide.

As the latest instalment of our ‘Sounds that Shaped’ series, we had the opportunity to chat to the ladies about some of the musical influences that sit behind their own work that helped define the EP.

In their own words, “We all sat together on the first evening when arriving at Base Camp City and each of us chose songs we found currently inspiring in our lives. We all then continued to listen to the playlist at breakfast and dinner, it became a reference point when creating the EP. The mix of genres all highlight our different personalities and creative palettes of inspiration, which add to the Her Songs experience.”

1) Space Captain – ‘Remedy’
“They are an awesome band from Brooklyn who are still up and coming. I [The Naked Eye] like the song because of its fusion of d’Angelo samples and beats, jazz and soulful melody and harmony. I love the contagious and uplifting vibe and energy of the song.”

2) Nai Palm – ‘Homebody’
“One my [The Naked Eye] favourite songs. It’s very healing and poetic in its lyrics and stripped back rawness. It was one of the songs that sonically inspired the 3rd track ‘Goodbye.’”

3) Lucy Pearl – ‘Dance Tonight’
“We used Lucy Pearl’s ‘Dance Tonight’ as inspiration for our song ‘Alright’, which was the last song we made. I think being that it was the last song, we all wanted to make something uplifting that people would want to dance and feel good to, and to kind of summarize our entire experience. It was also one of the songs we kept in rotation during our dinners every night. For me [Dani], using that song as inspiration on the last day felt kind of full circle because I had it on repeat during my flight from Boston to LA, and I remember dancing to it and feeling extremely excited on the plane that the project came to life after we worked so hard to put it together. It’s just a genius, freeing, and feel good song.”

4) BJ the Chicago Kid – ‘Good Luv’n’
“When myself [Marie] and Frenchie [The Naked Eye] arrived to Los Angeles, we rented a white Jeep. This song became our Jeep anthem, when we were driving through Hollywood with the roof off. It was definitely the most played song in that car lol. Provided such a vibe with the bassline and the drop.”

5) Cold Callers – ‘Summer Lovin’’
“The second most played song is this track by Cold Callers. When I [Marie] found out these guys were from London I was so surprised. Malthe, our creative director throughout the week introduced me to it in LA, I just think it’s one of the best vibes coming out of the UK this year. Really set the mood for my creativity. I used the feel for loads of inspiration.”

6) Kimbra – ‘Rescue Him’
“I’m [Emily] a massive fan of Kimbra’s lyrics in the way that she describes a situation in visual ways. We tried to use really visual concepts in most of our lyrics, especially Holding My Own, for example using palm tree silhouettes to paint a picture of Los Angeles. Kimbra’s melodic crafting is also genius. I always try to think like her with harmony and melody.”

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Her Songs’ two singles ‘Holding My Own’ and ‘Just a Phase’. You can join us in rinsing them before the full EP drops on 14 December.

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