tekvision – ‘Spunky Town’

Night Owl Collective are without doubt the undisputed masters of vibe-heavy cutting-edge electronica. The latest offering from fan-favourite tekvision is sure to have you up out of your seat and high-stepping through the rest of your week.

Not uncomfortable placed next to the sequenced groove-jazz of Anomolie et al., tekvision stays truer to the 80s source material whilst injecting a neck-jerking dose of modern-day off-grid swing and stylish dirty edge. Spunky Town is more classic meets modern than stuffing a Bomberman cassette into a PlayStation 4 and yielding playable results.

A self-proclaimed addict to bass, tekvision has placed much of the intricacy in the low end, so if your reading this and listening through those tinny laptop speakers, stop, plug in some headphones and bash refresh until you feel it kick in. Having said that, you’re going to need those headphones to be wireless, and at the very least ensure there’s plenty of space for dancing wherever you are.

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