Tom Misch – ‘Lost In Paris’

Since the release of Tom Misch’s EP 5 Day Mischon, we’ve been waiting in vain for his debut album Geography and we weren’t left disappointed.

In “Lost in Paris”, Misch teams up with DC rapper Goldlink and songwriter Carmody for a fond farewell to a hard drive full of music that he misplaced in the French capital.

Opening up with a signature groove-heavy guitar riff, Misch leads us into a feel-good jam comprising of warm fuzzy synths, a dance-friendly beat and a gorgeous trumpet solo that leads the song to its gentle closing.

Goldlink’s relaxed rap flow blends perfectly against the jazzy instrumental and it serves as yet more proof that every time Misch collabs with a rapper it turns to gold. If you’re a fan of Tom Misch’s “Day 2: Feeling” collaboration with MC Novelist, we recommend giving “Lost in Paris” a listen right now.

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