Cabu – ‘Crazy’ (Charming Lips & Cabu Remix)

Charming Lips cooks up a stripped back, guitar-riddled remix of Cabu’s original ‘Crazy’.

Earlier this week, Cabu dropped the remix package for his 2017 single ‘Crazy’. Of the selection, Charming Lips and Cabu’s collaborative remix made our top spot as the Seoul guitarist-producer worked his magic on the breezy, RnB release. Stripping back the original to a gentler, head-nodding beat, the pair littered the edit with sublime licks of guitar while still savouring Love Mansuy’s serene vocals.

The initial collaboration came about after Cabu spotted Charming Lips’ guitar cover on Instagram and in his own words, “just had to make something with him and this is what we came up with”. For more from Charming Lips’ Instagram, be sure to check out some of his other jams as well as his majestic hair flicks.

For more listening, check out one of our favourites Joe Hertz also on the remix of ‘Crazy’ as well as Cabu’s gorgeous EP Twenty Three from earlier in the year. Also be sure to dive into Charming Lips’ Soundcloud, with recent releases ‘Couple’ and ‘Belt’ being particular favourites of ours.

The good news is Cabu has confirmed the pair have more music in the works, so keep your eyes peeled.

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