Danvers – ‘1997’ (Warren Xclnce Remix ft. Joe Armon-Jones)

Warren Xclnce and Joe Armon-Jones sprinkle some jazz-flavoured magic over their elegant rework of Danvers’ latest release.

London’s vibrant music scene is known for delivering collaborative gems, and this track is no exception. Producer Warren Xclnce has teamed up with Ezra Collective’s Joe Armon-Jones to provide a tidy rework of the closing cut from Danvers’ latest Interludes EP. The pair layer Armon-Jones’ warm, tumbling keys over a stripped down version of the original’s head-nodding house beat.

In terms of where to send you next, there’s far too much music we’d love to highlight. So we’ll hold ourselves back and give you just two further listening recommendations. The first is Danvers’ latest mix alongside Campion for London label ‘WotNot’. The second is Warren Xclnce and Joe Armon-Jones’ previous collaboration ‘Didn’t Know’, featuring the silky smooth vocals of Jerome Thomas.

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