Eriksson Kaner – ‘Changed Beings’

Eriksson Kaner unveils a jazz masterpiece for this week’s track of the week.

Born into a family of musicians in South East London, Kaner studied music in Manchester before returning home to London to work on his first contribution to the scene, ‘Changed Beings’.

After a few moments of natural foley, brooding strings courtesy of Kaner’s mother and father enter the soundscape, shortly followed by rippling rhodes keys and bright Spanish guitar notes. It’s a beautiful and considered introduction, weeding out the impatient listeners of our generation and rewarding the more accommodating ears with a huge explosion of colour at around the one minute mark.

Stabbed piano chords, fizzing drums and mazy trumpet and sax runs all enter the arena to create a sound bursting at the seams with energy, creativity and truly impressive musicianship. From the thoughtful piano breakdowns to the noodly guitar runs, there’s a pleasant surprise around every corner, constantly changing pace and evolving section by section with every ingredient of the record measured and mixed with precision.

It’s quite simply a breath taking debut, and the sort of work you’d expect from someone who has been at the forefront of the scene for years. He’s promised more music in the New Year and our mouths are already salivating at the prospect.

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