Fanshore & Tropic – ‘Nobody Knows’

Fanshore & Tropic deliver blissed out hip-hop in their latest single from upcoming EP.


Plug in, sit back and let this melody swill around you. A slow-burning groove, glistening licks of guitar and laidback London lyricism combine in this new release from Fanshore & Tropic.


After meeting working together in a clothes store for a year, duo Tyler Darrington (Fanshore) and Tristan Gibbs (Tropic)’s brand of soulful hip-hop just gets better and better.


This latest track builds on their reputation for conscious rap, drawing upon their experience of young manhood. In the own words, ‘Nobody Knows’ is about “overcoming struggles and turning them into personal success, but the fact is that they’re still there and they scar you… those relationships that still fuck you up.”


The exciting news is that we’re promised two more tracks before their debut EP ‘Nothing Beats A Day Like This’ is released. But if you can’t wait that long, be sure to check out their live version of ‘Nobody Knows’ for our Spotlight series, as well as previous releases ‘Reaper’ and ‘Soul Define’.


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