Hello World Choir – ‘Hello World’

This week, it’s a privilege to share a particularly special track of the week.

This song comes from an EP released earlier this month by the Hello World Choir. It embodies everything we love not just about the EP, but the wider project behind it. The gentle gallop of the beat, trickling guitar and densely-layered vocals weave a tapestry of different musical influences representative of the group’s extraordinary background.

The record is the culmination of a one year-long choir collaboration conceptualised by Greek artist, Maria Sideri. Initiated in November 2015, the choir features the voices of seven Sudanese women and girls (whose voices echo beautifully at the end of ‘Hello World’). Originally brought together on a voluntary basis via the Tadamon Community Center (Egyptian Refugee Multicultural Council) in Cairo, their music draws upon both English and Arabic text that was written and translated together with the choir.

‘Shagara’, translated as ‘tree’ from Arabic, starts with a traditional Sudanese song before going on to blend sounds from across the globe, from traditional Sudanese folk to pop and electronic music. In their own words, “Shagara locates itself in a contemporary moment of social & political flux, and emanates hopes of women’s emancipation.”

The project to-date has received no financial resource and the proceeds go towards paying the artists, technicians and all those involved in continuing to develop grassroots opportunities for young African women. We’ve bought our copy, get yours here.

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