Her Songs – ‘Holding My Own’

We’ve got something pretty special for you this week.

Earlier this year, a collective of some of our favourite female artists came together in LA to write and record an EP in one week. After meeting through being fans of each other’s work on Instagram; Maddie Jay, The Naked Eye, Marie Dahlstrom, Dani Murcia and Emily Browning came together under the brand ‘Her Songs’.

Ever since, we’ve been patiently waiting for the group to drop the project and the good news is the first single is finally here. Written on the first day of the girls’ stay in LA, ‘Holding My Own’ draws upon everything we know and love about their music. A cocktail of warming keys, shimmering licks of guitar and heavenly vocals, this enchanting release is nothing short of blissful.

Speaking about the track, they said: “We first brainstormed a bunch of visual ideas about what it feels like to be in Los Angeles and the visual concepts of that.” Drawing upon their progress as artists to date, the EP promises to explore issues of femininity, heartbreak and much more.

Be sure to watch out for when the rest of the EP is released.

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