J. Lamotta – ‘Turning’

J.Lamotta teases her upcoming album with the release of silky neo-soul jam ‘Turning’.

This velvety number comes from Berlin based artist and producer J.Lamotta. Taken from her new album, it’s a cocktail of smoky vocals, gentle percussion and silky Rhodes keys.

Speaking about the single, she says “‘Turning’ is storytelling. In my mind, the song is a camera that takes in first a wider perspective of humanity and existence, and then zooms in on my personal world, feelings, and love story.”

If you’re new to J.Lamotta’s intricate brand of neo-soul, then you’re in for a treat. Be sure to check out her 2017 album ‘Conscious Tree’, as well as her live materialon YouTube.

‘Suzume’ will be dropping on 12 April with Jakarta Records.

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