Jay Stones – ‘Wand’

Singer-producer Jay Stones unveils a dancey streak in his slickly produced new single ‘Wand’.

Laying down a two-stepping house beat and brooding bassline, the Los Angeles producer’s silky vocals are the crowning stroke for this delicate, yet infectious, release.

The track represents a departure from Jay Stones’ recent trickle of music. The last six months have seen him reveal one soul-soaked R&B jam after another (with particular favourites of ours being ‘Lover Zodiac’ and ‘Bona Fide’). It’s also a change of tack for record label Mellow Vibes, who admit this is their first ever house-style release.

If you’re looking for more like this, be sure to check out Night Owl Collective and Playitlouder, who are the fuel behind the Mellow Vibes label. To get you started, take a listen to their recent releases from Malik Elijah and Aries.

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