Jerk – ‘Drip’

Jerk cooks up a jazz/hip-hop storm in third EP Green.

Joshua Kinney, otherwise known as Jerk, has just dropped his third project. It’s been almost a year since his last release, but it’s more than worth the wait. And of all the tracks, we’ve chosen ‘Drip’ as our track of the week.

It’s a track of two halves. It begins with a gentle intro before breaking into a breezy melody, brimming with flurries of muted trumpet and flute.

The new release is the most refined work of the New Yorker to date. In his own words, “I wrote a lot of music this time last year, I formed it into something living with an amazing band, we went in to the studio and recorded five songs in three hours, and I’m just ready.”

After watching this video of him performing ‘Volition’, we can’t wait to catch him live. But until then, be sure to check out the rest of the EP, as well as previous releases Yellow and Pink.

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