Kiefer – ‘What a Day’

Kiefer delivers a breezy dose of springtime joy in the first release from his upcoming album Happysad.

LA-based producer Kiefer Shackelford is renowned for his blissful production skills, and this latest release is no exception. Blending a gentle boom-bap beat, deep bassline and a dusting of enchanting keys, this is Kiefer at his best.

Kiefer’s brand of soulful beat music has garnered a close following over recent years. It’s testament to his unrelenting work as a producer. Whether you’re watching his Instagram jamsDilla tributes or still reminiscing about his award-nominated 2017 album Kickinit Alone; it’s clear he’s a man who lives and breathes his music.

It’s hardly a surprise given his musical upbringing. In his own words, “My dad put me up to the keys when I was a baby, there are videos of me standing on the piano bench when I was barely old enough to stand.”

As the first taste of what’s to come from his next album Happysad (due to be released on June 8th), it’s fair to say we’re pretty excited.

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