King Billy – ‘Boba Fat’

It’s not often as we dig through the proverbial crates of the internet that we find something entirely undiscovered. Usually, someone has heard of them already. But this week is an exception. And a big exception at that.

Here’s the good news: we just discovered one of our favourite albums of the year. We chose ‘Boba Fat’ because it embodies everything we love about the whole release – the smooth guitar licks, soothing keys and bassline to match. The album itself is similarly littered with rich brass, boom-bap beats and more groove-fuelled basslines you could wish for. Dive into the full release here (our favourite tracks are ‘Clean Deez’, ‘GFunk’ and ‘Lacklustre Limousine’).

Here’s the bad news: we’re not really sure where to send you next. Except to suggest you rinse this over and over again. The only remaining information we can share is that King Billy are the self-declared “undisputed most emotional band in Hobart.” Which is in Tasmania, in case you were wondering.

We can’t lie, we’re a little smug we got here before ‘Triple j Unearthed’ did.

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