Kojey Radical – ‘Water’ (feat. Mahalia)

Kojey Radical reveals his soulful side in latest single ‘Water’.

London rapper Kojey Radical’s new release unveils a soulful streak to his versatile sound. Employing the support of genre-stradling producer Swindle, Kojey’s earnest, brazen flow sits atop a broken-beat R&B track littered with fluid licks of guitar and seductive flourishes of trumpet. The release is topped off by the silky smooth vocals of rising neo-soul/hip-hop star Mahalia.

Kojey’s rise to fame over recent years has seen the spoken-word poet-turned rapper develop into an artist whose work channels the conscious vitality of the likes of Saul Williams, Ghostpoet and Loyle Carner; except with a dubbier, far more industrial edge. Ever since his debut project, DEAR DAISY, he’s never shied away from addressing hard-hitting topics in his lyricism. This track is no exception, touching upon angst, social oppression, and societal privilege.

In his own words, “I wrote ‘Water’ to document the moments where ignorance no longer feels like bliss. I wanted the record to feel familiar, like having a conversation with a person you worry about because of the unpredictability of tomorrow. It’s a song for the feelers as well as the listeners.”

For more from Kojey Radical, check out his latest EP In Gods Body here and his recent collaboration with UK Garage producer MJ Cole.

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