Natty Reeves – ‘November’

Natty Reeves drops sentimental number ‘November’ as first single of the year.

For all those bracing against the winter chill, we feel you. But we’ve got your back – this latest release from Natty Reeves is just what you need. Dazzling licks of guitar, a breezy melody and gentle beat provide the backdrop to this cozy track. They pave the way for Natty’s tender vocals, intertwined with those of Brighton-based Kai Khan, to tell a story of longing and nostalgia.

The release comes off the back of a busy year for Natty. After releasing his debut EP Siren, he’s just returned from the US where he joined Abhi The Nomad for the end of his tour. We also had the had the privilege of hosting Natty at the first of our Skyline Sessions in London – check out the live recording of his extended version of ‘Another Boy’ here).

As part of independent label DeepMatter, Natty stands alongside some of our most-loved artists including Simon Jefferis, Harrison Sands, Namuuna and Stella Talpo. Be sure to check them all out here, and keep a watch for Natty’s debut album dropping later this year.

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