Sierra Sellers – ‘where u been’ (prod. K-Ron)

Rising star Sierra Sellers unveils a fresh delivery of heartfelt neo soul in her first single of the year.

Blending a low-fi hip-hop beat, glowing keys and Sierra’s soaring vocals, this latest release is a soothing supplement to the start of the summer season. The track’s tender and introspective lyrics speak to the Pittsburgh singer-songwriter’s approach to songwriting.

In her own words, “I’ve always been an old soul. Wise beyond my years, I guess. I’m very quiet and recluse. I observe a lot. I take in those observations and I narrate them in my own perspective. It was just all of that bubbling up and I needed an outlet. I don’t really talk to many people in that deep way.”

We’ve had our eye on Sierra ever since she dropped her self-titled project last year. But if that’s not enough, this latest single is the third in a series of releases over the last few months (‘smooth’ is a particular favourite of ours).

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