Stella Talpo – ‘Easy’

Stella Talpo releases alluring new single ‘Easy’.

As her first record of the year, this new track blends a gritty bassline, shreds of guitar, and Stella’s soft, seductive vocals. Her introspective lyricism explores the simultaneous ease and difficulty which we associate with falling into a relationship.

Born in Italy and raised in Asia, Brixton-based Stella has been a favourite of ours for a while. Following her performance at our debut live music night, last year saw her release enchanting singles ‘Greys’ and ‘Leave’.

Stella is signed to independent label DeepMatter and sits alongside the likes of Simon Jefferis, Natty Reeves and Namuuna. Be sure to check out their full roster for all your soul, hip-hop and RnB needs.

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