Aaron Taylor – ‘Saw You In My Dreams’

It’s always extremely gratifying when an artist we’ve been listening to for a while releases new music and we get the chance to place them on our track of the week pedestal.

The artist in question today is London-based Aaron Taylor who first took our breath away last year when we heard ‘Blue’ from his Still Life EP. His latest release ‘Saw You In My Dreams’ serves up a refreshing reminder of all the reasons why we first fell in love with him.

Data came out recently suggesting that artists are making their song intros progressively shorter because people today are too impatient and will skip onto the next track if their attention isn’t grabbed. We found this to be quite troubling news and we’re glad to see Aaron Taylor paying no attention to this either as he takes over a minute to nestle you into the record with waves of soothing harmonies and a perfectly simple bass line.

Then the vocal hits and that raw soulful quality to his voice washes you away into a sea of warm rhodes chords and distant guitar licks. Click the play button and lose yourself for 3 minutes.

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