ANH & quickly quickly – Contrast

We’ve got something a bit different for you this week, because who said soul and R&B couldn’t be played on synths… So imagine Porter Robinson met Alfa Mist at a bar and they drunkenly decided to collab, it would sound good, right? Well, it does.

ANH and quickly, quickly are two producers that have been developing their sound over the last year. This week they’ve delivered a new track entitled ‘Contrast’, a follow up to their previous collaboration ‘Preach’.

After a floating intro, you’re hit by a punchy drum break and the magic begins. The track plays out almost like a rap battle. You’ve got the bassy drums as a backing track with two toplines taking turns to impress. The one is a heavily electronic, almost chiptune sounding, synth-based melody and the other a much more organic sounding guitar and piano duet.

It’s impressive stuff. And we get the impression these two guys have stumbled across a sound far beyond their years. We’re also dying to hear what it sounds like if you throw some hip-hop lyrics on top. Go on guys… hit us with a sample.

Dive into quickly quickly’s fast-expanding library of similar tunes for more. Oh and if that wasn’t enough, both these guys have separate pages dedicated to short clips where they mess around with different sounds. So if you want to stay ahead of the curve, then check out slowly, slowly and ANH 2.0 for more (this track is a particular favourite).

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