Ill Camille – ‘Lighters’

We’re proud to bring you something pretty special this week. In fact, we can’t really say enough good things about Ill Camille, so we’ll try and let her music do the talking.

Born in Compton, California and raised in both Los Angeles and Inland Empire, this woman is hip-hop through and through. Having started rapping towards the end of 2010, she’s not new to the game either.

Perhaps that’s what gives her latest production such a well-developed sound. Released earlier this week, ‘Heirloom’ is a masterpiece. Almost five years since her last album, we’re treated to a versatile and introspective production that showcases this “Jane-of-all-trades” at her best. From spoken-word to arranged instrumentals, it’s been more than worth the wait. And we haven’t even mentioned the collaborations, from Camp Lo to Imam Omari, it’s a formidable selection.

One of our favourite tracks from the record is ‘Lighters’. The track represents exactly what we love about Ill Camille, hitting a perfectly balanced combination of G-funk groove alongside bars that rival some of the best in the industry -it’s no wonder she’s an in-demand writer.

“I really wanna change the world, before I make it outta here. Why people ‘fraid to be themselves? But me, that’s just how I am.”

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