Jordan Rakei – Rooftops (The Invisible Remix)

Jordan Rakei is the type of artist where once you discover him, you realise he’s been everywhere, all without your knowing. The Australian producer has work dating back to 2012 and over the years has exhibited talent across a range of genres, from soul-filled ballads to funk- and hip-hop-infused grooves. His latest album, ‘Cloak’ was released last year and shows off his polished and mature sound.

That’s where this week’s track is taken from. The original version of ‘Rooftop’ is one of Rakei’s more stripped back tracks, relying on minimal piano chords and bassline. In the remix EP of the track released this week, one remix in particular stood out.

The Invisible’s remix of ‘Rooftop’ pulls a muted bassline right to the foreground and combines it with layered, distorted chords that soak right through the song. Just sit back and let this slow groove melt right through you.

London-based The Invisible’s brand of funk/art-rock is showcased here in more sombre fashion than usual and we certainly feel it draws the best elements out of the track. Check out more of their work below.

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