Why The Face – ‘If I Lost You’

Emily C. Browning and Juan Ariza blend soul and jazz in nostalgia riddled new single ‘If I Lost You’.

Fresh off the back of the success of the Her Songs project, Emily C. Browning is collaborating again but this time it’s with multi-instrumentalist Juan Ariza to form the duo Why The Face, or if you prefer the abbreviation, WTF.

Good old fashioned romance is at work in ‘If I Lost You’, with charming flecks of jazz guitar and sparkling keys lighting up the way for your mind to wonder into the past and find yourself doe-eyed in the midst of a hazy summers day.

The good news is that if you’re as in love with the track as we are, you can get an immediate fix by heading to their Instagram accounts and losing yourself in their endless amazing videos, the musicality on display really is something to behold.

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