Yakul – ‘Bad Karma’

Fresh off the back of the success of previous release ‘Realigned’, the boys from Brighton return with ‘Bad Karma’, another serving of infectious future soul.

Cosmic synths, stabbed keys, zany bass lines and some incredibly tight drumming all collide for a record that’s fizzing with energy, creativity and, most importantly, groove. It’s quite amazing how much they manage to pack into just over 4 minutes, constantly switching gears and introducing new ideas around every corner to keep listeners on their toes.

It’s a masterclass in musicality all round, with frontman James Berkley effortlessly flexing his smooth soulful vocal runs throughout and Rob Araujo even making an appearance towards the end of the track with a mind-bending keys solo.

If you’re Brighton-based be sure to catch them at their next show on November 28th at The Green Door Store, having seen them live a handful of times we can confidently say that they’re not to be missed.

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